Key Factors Marketing CollateralWhen creating marketing collateral there are key factors that you should be focusing on to make it the most effective. Marketing Collateral refers to many things, such as; brochures, landing pages, eBooks, sell sheets, etc. During this blog, I am referring to all marketing collateral that your business creates.

Let’s go through 3 of the key factors when creating marketing collateral.

  • Branding
    Small businesses tend to forget about how important branding is for a company. When a prospect/client sees a piece of marketing from your organization it should look, feel, sound like all your other pieces of marketing. Consistency in your branding is very important to get your prospects to remember you.
    Your logo should be on every piece of material. Your voice tone should be the same throughout all materials. Your colors should be universal throughout.
  • Contact Information
    The best piece of marketing content out there can end up being a waste of time and money if you don’t let the audience know how to reach you. The main pieces of information you should include are: website, one phone number, and an email address. I’ve noticed a lot of people have been leaving phone numbers off their materials recently, which I feel is a mistake. We are in a digital world but people like personal treatment and to physically talk to someone to answer their questions. Give them the option. Adding your social media handles or letting them know which platforms you are on is great if there is space on the collateral. This gives them options to reach out to you in the manner they are most comfortable with.
  • Quality Content
    Some individuals focus on their business and the features/services it provides, I even notice myself falling into that trap at times. Do not do that. Stay away from talking just about your business. I know that sounds odd but just trust me. Talk about the benefits you provide to your clients, not just the features. Someone that doesn’t know your industry may not understand why a certain feature/service is important to them so don’t leave it to their assumption. Instead of saying, “mobile app ordering”, try something like, “get in and out quicker”, “ease your ordering process”, “eliminate ordering mistakes”, etc. Then you can tell them how you are doing it but focus on WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). Make sure they know how they will benefit from your features/services. Let them know what problem you are solving for them.

Marketing Collateral is the face of your business and what people see and read over and over. Take the time to focus on these 3 components when putting your collateral together. Give us a call if you would like some assistance or tips to guide you through the process.