4 Steps to Building a Growth-Minded Team4 Steps to Building a Growth-Minded TeamWhen your business is in growth mode it is essential to have the right team in place to help you grow and get to your goals. So how do you cultivate and create a growth-minded team?

  • Pick the right members for the team
    Just because someone has the right skills to fit a position doesn’t mean they are the right fit for the team. Get to know each member or prospective member more than just their skill sets. Will their personality fit well with the culture of the team? Will their attitude and drive enhance the team?
    This piece of putting a team together can be difficult, so you don’t want to over think it but be conscious of it. If you bring in team members that all have similar interest and personality it could cause the team to be less productive. Instead of working they might be discussing how much fun they had the other night hanging out. Structure a team with complimenting personalities that will help drive each other to be the best at their skill.
  • Set Goals and Rules
    Be transparent with your team. Let them know where you want to go and how they can help. When you are open with your team and set clear goals and rules with them, they are more open with you. People love to feel they are a part of something and contributing to something.
  • Be a Leader and a Manager, not just a Manager and definitely not a Dictator
    There is a clear difference between a leader and a manager. To grow a company, you need both. Leadership can be defined as: the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. A leader is a person in the group that possesses the combination of personality and leadership skills that makes others want to follow his or her direction.
    Management can be defined as: the act or art of conducting or supervising employees and/or a business.
    Do you see the difference in these definitions?
    You need a good leader to keep the team motivated and moving forward. You need a manager to supervise and make sure the team is on track for reaching the goals. This individual can be the same person. Unfortunately, SMBs bring individuals onto the team that are great managers but not good leaders. This will cause the team to fall short of the greatness they could be with a good leader in place.
    Some business owners have the need for control and try to run their team in a dictatorship manner. This is a sure way to demotivate your team and do the opposite of what you are hoping.
  • Create Team Comradery
    Once your team begins to get to know each other they start to build trust and improve communication. They don’t want to let each other down and feel accountable to the rest of the team and want to do their best.

When you have the right team in place with the right leadership the sky is the limit, no goal is unattainable. Let us know what other steps are important in building a growth-minded team?