6 Leadership Qualities“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way,” John C Maxwell’s definition of leadership. A good leader knows how to make ideas become reality. He or she can prove to be the difference between success or failure. Let’s look at some of the most important qualities in a leader.

Good Communicator

Being a good communicator doesn’t just mean being able to tell your team information. It also means listening to your team, clarifying information, and showing empathy. A good leader clearly communicates the vision of the company and team and then discusses the strategy to reach their goals. He/She listens to the teams concerns and ideas. If a leader is a good communicator, they will achieve better results.


If you are unsure about your own decisions, then your team will never follow your lead. A good leader should have some assertiveness to gain respect and ensure that his/her team will follow their direction. But a good leader doesn’t want to be overconfident and egotistical. Your confidence will create trust with your team.

Honesty & Integrity

Leaders succeed when they stick to their values and core beliefs. Without ethics, succeeding as a leader is most likely not possible. If a leader isn’t honest or shows integrity, they can’t expect their team to have those qualities.

Inspire Others

This is one of the hardest for most individuals. Your team/followers are inspired by your example. When things get stressful and tough, they watch how you react and follow suit. There is always someone watching your reaction to situations, as a leader, so lead by example and others will follow.

Ability to Delegate

Some people think that being a leader and entrepreneur means that you do everything. This is the complete opposite. One person cannot do everything, right. Leaders focus on key responsibilities while delegating the rest to the right individuals. Trust your team. A good leader doesn’t micromanage after they have delegated. Micromanaging will develop the feeling of distrust and you are unable to focus on the important things at hand.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is essential for anyone, not just leaders. To be a good leader it is even more important to keep a positive attitude. As we mentioned in the “Inspire Others” section, your team/followers will follow your lead, if you are positive during hard situations, they will stay positive. You want to be a realist but stay positive. Watch what you say and how you say it. Keep your temper in check. Stay calm.

What other qualities do you feel are needed to be a good leader?