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To improve your business' performance and provide a successful business development strategy.

We strive to help business owners develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can be successful. ENDREA will help assess your current goals and business plan and then assist you in taking that next step towards new heights. From planning and implementing sales & marketing strategies to facilitating change in your workforce. ENDREA stands not to be just a leader, but more importantly your partner in working together to achieve a common goal.

Tara Rahe

Tara Rahe

CEO & Founder

Ms. Rahe established ENDREA LLC because of a passion to assist start-ups, small and medium businesses enrich their dreams. She has the drive and dedication to get businesses to where they want to go.

Tara brings leadership, experience, and success to assist top organizations and new start-ups in reaching new heights in today’s business world. She has an insightful and strategic approach that pushes organizations through the glass ceiling into the new frontier. New ideas to old sales initiatives, enhance marketing efforts, increases organizational efficiency, and strengthens your team to overcome existing challenges is what you will get when working with Tara and her team.


The ENDREA Method™ was created by Tara Rahe to assist businesses in the process of growing their business. The ENDREA Method™ is a 6-step plan to keep business owners and their team on track when putting together and implementing a business development plan.




  • Tara has worked in many different industries spanning from technology to automotive assisting in companies’ growth for over 19 years. She has won numerous awards for her dedication and hard work. A few highlights include:
  • Managed and redeveloped a division for an M2M organization within the auto industry. By launching new sales and marketing strategies, reorganizing operations, and enhancing the training program, the organization saw a 1500% increase in revenue within that division.
  • Developed the retail and sales operations for multiple location companies to create a thriving organization that experienced exponential growth in profit and exposure. While directing all marketing projects, public relation campaigns, and advertising events.
  • Created and implemented partnership agreements which strengthened corporate relations, drove revenue and produced a solid win-win outcome for all involved.

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Milica Glavanovic

Milica Glavanovic

Digital Marketing Manager

She is highly driven to provide the best services to our customers. Milica has a strong background in strategic planning and finance.

Milica will assist in our Digital and Branding Strategy creation, focus on implementing the right strategy and analyze the results to grow your business to reach your goals.

She is a dedicated professional skilled in digital marketing, strategic planning, project management and financial management. More than 10 years of experience in marketing, financial and project management in a variety of industries

Marion A. Penn II

Marion A. Penn II

Director of Sale of Sale

Marion is a dynamic sales professional with extensive team leadership, marketing, and business development experience.

He has built, developed and lead successful sales teams. Marion has successfully developed sales, marketing & operational business plans.

He is an assertive and flexible sales leader who responds positively to challenges with confidence, determination, and focus.  Marion is able to communicate effectively with business owners and negotiate contracts beneficial to both parties.


Nicole R.

ENDREA Consulting provided extremely helpful advice and strategic business development solutions. They were able to quickly grasp what we wanted to accomplish and had some great ideas on how to achieve our goals. They implement plans that are out-of-the-box and results driven. Their marketing campaigns increased our revenue to new heights.


“ENDREA delivered everything they promised. Our customer satisfaction levels & revenue are at an all-time high!”

Michael S.

The ENDREA team is a great group of absolute professionals. They are patient and thorough. From the point of view of our company, we would not have been able to implement our plan in the time available without the ENDREA team. They are intuitive about our needs and imaginative when problem solving.

Marco M.

It has been a pleasure working with the ENDREA Consulting team. ENDREA Consulting is very professional and I enjoyed the working relationship we have developed over the last year. I am so grateful for all your help in getting me on track and growing our business

Kelly G.

Since working with ENDREA Consulting my brand recognition has grown significantly and our marketing campaigns have run smoothly and effectively. They helped me focus on the things I needed to do to improve and grow my business. We have gone from losing money to a business growth of more than 25%. The ROI when working with ENDREA is quickly discovered.

Johnathan H.

Prior to working with ENDREA Consulting, I struggled in finding a Sales and Marketing Agency that was showing results. Many other companies I worked with didn’t take a strategic approach along with having a creativity vision like ENDREA does. I was stuck in a position where I just couldn't manage to improve and grow my business. Their mix of business and finance skills coupled with creative thinking has produced some impressive results. The ENDREA Consulting team would be a valuable asset to any business looking to flourish.

Curtis K.

It has been an absolute blast working with ENDREA Consulting.  We have worked with a handful of other companies to get a better traction with our revenues and the services provided by ENDREA are by far better than we ever expected or received from other companies.


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