How many times do you see people claiming they can manage your social media? Or claim they can grow your brand awareness?

I see it so often. Individuals think since they use Facebook they know how to manage it for a business. If you are looking for some assistance, please be careful whom you choose.

To run successful social media campaigns and successful marketing campaigns, in general, there must be a strategy to what you are doing. Yes, it is important to at least have activity going on but is it results generating activity.

When putting together an individual campaign I take a backward approach. What do you want the end result to be? What are your goals for what you are doing? Now put the strategic plan together to reach those results. Every post or action should have a goal that you are trying to reach; grow your brand awareness, drive website traffic, sell product, get people to attend your event, etc.

A/B testing is important but at some point, you have to stop testing and get real resultsfrom what you are doing. Constantly throwing s!?t at the wall is going to result in getting s!?t back.

Quick example: A new client of mine had a small budget to work with. I was helping them on several little projects but someone else was “helping” with their social media. Regularly I would mention how the person doing the posting should take a more strategic approach to what she was posting. The client’s product is something that is sold online and in stores so there was so much that we could do to grow her revenues. Even with my suggestion, nothing would change. I get very passionately involved in my clients’ successes so I put together a social media plan, free of charge, to send to the individual and yet again, nothing changed.

A couple weeks ago, my client came to me and said that the individual was no longer going to be doing the social media management and asked if I could take it over. Of course, I said yes. The very first post my team put out ranked as the top post on her pages for engagements, impressions, and CTRs.

My client is very happy with the results and now understands how important a strategic approach is. This is the difference you can have by being strategic and planning out your campaigns.

Many individuals and companies out there claim that they understand marketing and understand how to get results, but being in the industry I am here to tell you, most of them don’t. My team sits down and has strategy meetings weekly. We want to make sure our clients are getting the best results. If our clients don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.

What struggles are you having with your campaigns?

Please let us know how we can help enrich your dreams!

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