The first step in the ENDREA Methodᵀᴹ is [E]valuate. One way we like to evaluate the current state of your business is through a website audit.

A website audit provides a complete analysis of the current effectiveness of search visibility and user experience of the site. An audit will provide insight into technical facets of a site and from a web design perspective as well.

The ultimate goal of conducting a website audit is to improve a business’s online presence. It provides the framework to put a strategy in place that will increase traffic to the site and lead to more conversions.

Now, let’s go into a bit more detail about website audit specifics. We’ll look at components of SEO and user experience, and how an audit can improve both.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and determines how your website will appear on a search. The goal is to have your website rank high, toward the top of the first page, when relevant keywords are searched.

A website audit will identify the site’s current performance on SEO and pinpoint ways in which it can be improved.

One of the first key factors is an audit’s ability to determine how often the pages on your website are being indexed. Meaning, how often Google is sending out its “bots” to crawl your website and gather information for its algorithms.

A website SEO audit will check both internal and external links to make sure everything’s directing properly. Technical, back-end aspects are also closely examined. This includes correct URL structure and metadata that is unique to each page.

Delving into these elements is an excellent way to find out if a website isn’t performing as well as it could. It also lets us know what web changes need to be made and how we can develop a digital strategy for your business.

User Experience

Along with having your site optimized for search engines, it also needs to be optimized for the people visiting your site!

The first step in checking the user experience of a website is making sure it’s easy to navigate. A general rule is a visitor shouldn’t have to click more than three times to find what they need. A website must accommodate for humans’ attention spans.

Page loading time is another way people can get deterred from staying on your website. An audit will pick up if photos or other features of a website are slowing load time.

Both navigation and site speed contribute to high bounce rates and low conversion rates because a visitor leaves a website without acting upon a certain call to action, like filling out a contact form.

Doing a website audit will detect if there’s too much content, causing information overload. Too much information can impact user experience, and encourage people to leave your site early.

SEO and user experience tend to go hand-in-hand, as improving SEO will increase organic traffic to a website that’s easily navigated and offers a pleasant experience.

A detailed analysis of your website’s performance and effectiveness is a proven way to evaluate the current landscape of the site and how to improve it. That’s why we choose website audits as a first step in the ENDREA Methodᵀᴹ when we begin working with new businesses.

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