Building a successful teamGood leaders, managers, and team members are important in creating a successful business. Understanding that everyone has a role and different skill sets, then allowing everyone to utilize their skills helps bring more diverse and creative ideas.

Good leaders keep strong teams working together. To lead a successful team, let’s discuss 4 important tips:

Build Trust with Your Team
A team that trusts each other succeeds together. A good team comes together and fully trust that the others will pull their weight and contribute to the team.
– Give your trust to your team
– Admit your faults and show your vulnerabilities
– Keep the team informed and don’t hide details from them
– Remember actions speak louder than words, so lead by example

Make Each Team Member Feel Like They Have Purpose and Are Valued
Most individuals like to feel they are needed. They want to know their opinions matter and are being heard. A good leader will help everyone on the team understand that they are important to the team.
– Explain to the team how their actions impact projects
– Give them opportunities to grow and learn
– Recognize them as individuals not just someone on the team

Provide a Clear Understanding of Team Goals
For a team to succeed together each member of the team must understand the goals of the team and see/believe in the vision. What are they striving for?
– Break the goals down into steps or smaller pieces
– Track progress and discuss with the team
– Provide feedback

Explain Clearly all Team Roles
Each team member plays a specific role. If the roles are not clearly understood the team could run into conflicts among individuals, an overlap of work being done, or work being missed.
– Go through individual’s duties and task with them
– Break the tasks up by their specific skill sets

Leading a successful team can be challenging and involves more than these few tips but it is a good guideline. Let us know what other tips you would give for building a strong team.