Step 4: [R]eady Plan

Finally, we have reached the [R]eady step of the ENDREA Method™. Our 4th step and when stuff starts to get fun. To this point you have done so much work Evaluating your business, dissecting your Numbers, and Delving into your industry, now we get to put the information together into a real plan.

The best way to make sure you don’t miss something is to start with a list of things you want to make sure are in your plan of action. Such as: Pricing changes, leadership adjustments, inbound marketing additions, sales processes, etc. From that list begin adding more details/lists under each main subject.

Starting with a bullet point or outline makes it easy for you to glance at and make sure you haven’t missed anything, it also helps keep your plan neat and organized. These are the main categories I typically start with then either add or delete from there:
Leadership Team 
Marketing (underneath: Inbound Marketing & Outbound Marketing) 
Sales (underneath: team, process, strategic partners) 
Budget & Projections

Now that the outline is in place we need to get to the meat of the project. Take each section and review what you discovered from all your research. Now start devising your [R]eady Plan. If there is a section that you are not making adjustments in at this time, still put notes in that section. This way when you start your research for the next Business Development Plan you know why or why not you didn’t adjust something. Such as your pricing; if you decide it aligns with your goals and the market and adjusting it isn’t a true factor in your growth at this time, simply note that on your plan. Make note of what your current pricing structure is for future reference.

This process can take a few hours or weeks or months depending on how often you take the time to put together this plan. After you start doing it regularly you will have the steps down to a science and will be able to breeze through it, but always make sure to take enough time to truly evaluate it all so you aren’t missing a key factor to the growth of your business. Things are always changing so make sure to slow down and check everything over.

Once you have completed your plan have key staff members read it. Ask them to see if it is clear to them what the goals and plans are and if there is anything they think should be adjusted and why. Bringing your key staff members into this process will help during the [E]xecute step. They are aware of what changes are coming up and they helped decided on the changes so there is more buy in.

Now your plan is [R]eady to [E]xecute. Make sure to Contact us to help you complete these steps. As I always say, it is always a great idea to get an outsider’s opinion and have a fresh pair of eyes.

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