It’s been awhile since I have talked about my ENDREA Method™ and I apologize. To remind you the ENDREA Method™ is your step by step guide to creating and implementing a successful Business Development Plan. To this point we have completed the following steps:

[E]valuate – Evaluate Your Business

[N]umber – Calculate your Numbers

[D]elve – Delve into the Industry

[R]eady – Time to get your plan Ready

Only 2 steps left, the [E]xecute plan, which we will discuss in this post, and [A]nalyze which will be the next topic. Let’s jump into it.

Step 5: [E]xecute Plan

After all the hard work, it is now time to execute your plan and put it into action. This step is pretty self-explanatory. The plan you just wrote in the [R]eady step, do it. See short and sweet. Ok, it won’t be as simple as it sounds, but there isn’t a lot to discuss in this step. Just take your plan and execute it, here are a few keys notes to remember during execution.

1.      Take time to sit down and discuss all necessary steps with your leadership team. Make sure they understand their role and their goals to make this plan a success.

2.      Track everything!!! This is very important when you execute a plan. Tracking will help when you analyze the results in the next step to see what may need to be adjusted or what worked. When I say track everything, I mean track everything. Keep track of each individual sales reps sales ratios; every aspect of your marketing campaigns, including date, time, results, etc.; all costs involved; who on your team was an advocate and who wasn’t; etc.

3.      Check in with the leadership team often and see how things are going. If they noticed struggles or are having struggles with the implementation. If they are implementing it exactly how it was planned or if they altered it. If they have noticed certain trends or results while executing the plan.

4.      Make sure your leadership starts off doing the plan exactly how it is written. Sometimes there are struggles with leadership making changes to what they are used to, but if they aren’t executing the plan exactly how it is written you never really know if it is working. After you see results from the plan exactly how it is, you and your leadership may discuss if it needs to be adjusted, but not until after it is tested.

5.      Celebrate all the victories, even the smallest of victories, that you see. This will help keep the team motivated to stick with the plan.

Contact us and let us know how your [E]xecution step is going. Do you have some key tips that you would like to share?

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