Step 6: [A]nalyze Plan

Great news!!! We have made it through to the last step. This final step is to find out if your plan worked.

Let’s [A]nalyze what you [E]xecuted. The truth comes now.

Did your plan succeed? Yes – Great! No – where did it go wrong?

Don’t get discouraged if something didn’t work as planned. This step will help you really take your business to the next level. Some business owners throw in the towel when they see that part of their plan has failed but not you, right? Failure is not a negative, it just shows you what needs to be adjusted. Not taking failure as a positive is where most business owners go wrong. Getting back up after a failure just proves that you and your business will be a success.

When [A]nalyzing your plan’s results make sure to ask the following questions:

1.      Do you feel the plan accomplished everything you wanted?

– If you answered yes to this question then it is time to celebrate. Then come back to the office and start a new plan that stretches your goals a little more. Great job!

2.      Did you hit your goals?

– If you answered yes to this question please go back to question 1 and do exactly what that says

– If you didn’t hit your goals that doesn’t mean the plan failed. Maybe your goal was too big of a stretch to start off. Maybe you need to slightly adjust your plan, just a little, and you will hit that goal.

3.      Was your plan executed exactly how you planned it to be executed?

4.      Did you see positive results?

5.      Did everyone positively adapt the plan?

6.      If you feel the plan or part of the plan failed, where did the plan fail?

– This question cannot be answered by just saying “we didn’t hit our goal.” Look deeper at the root of why you didn’t hit that goal. Did the team not implement it correctly? Did you use keywords that weren’t getting attention? Did your CTA not draw the right target or results? Etc.

7.      Did something huge change in your industry that caused an impact on your plan?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself to get started. Once you have gone through all these questions, and more, you can get to the bottom of what caused the successes and failures. At that point, it is time to start over with the ENDREA Method™. Begin your [E]valuation Step and start building your next Business Development Plan to grow your business.

Tell me how the process went for you and your business. Contact Us to discuss how we can help you in going through your ENDREA Method™.

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