Launching-Digital-MediaWe’re now into the [E]xecute component of the ENDREA Method™, and it’s time to put all the planning and strategizing to practice. You’ve done your due diligence in creating a social media strategy for your business that aligns with your marketing and business goals. Now, it’s time to launch your ideas through digital media tactics.

Through our previous steps, we have identified your ideal target audience, determined what the specific goals and objectives for social and digital media efforts will be, know how we will plan and schedule content, and have a system to measure results set in place. In terms of digital media, tactics can be paid, owned or earned communications engaging audiences online through advertising, email marketing, search engines, and social networks.

Adhering to the strategy is unquestionably important. But when it comes to launching tactics, focusing on content creation is critical – especially as it’s the beginning of a new digital media campaign for your business. We’ve come up with our best tips on how to create content that engages the target audience and leads to conversions.

Tap into Emotions

Creating conversations with your content helps to put a human element into social media. It also lets the audience make a connection between your brand and certain emotions, motivating them to fulfill the desired action from that content.

Taping into emotions is how a brand and its select audience develop an ongoing relationship through digital media. If you’re able to achieve this at the launch of digital media tactics, you’re setting yourself up for future success with digital media campaigns.

“Taping into emotions is how a brand and its select audience develop an ongoing relationship through digital media.”

Content has to be Relevant

The content you’re creating and sharing online has to be valuable to your audience. It must speak directly to their needs and solve their problems. If you can accomplish this, the audience will be engaged and accept your brand as an industry expert.

Content must focus on the issue your audience is facing and how your service or product can solve that issue. You should also try to use the language your audience is using when they describe their problem.

Creating and sharing relevant content provides a sense of security to your audience that you understand their issues and are the correct partner in helping them solve those problems.

Should Create a Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency through content is especially beneficial with online advertisements and email marketing. Presenting content that’s exclusive and a feeling of scarcity encourages action to be taken quickly. Providing a deadline and using action words, such as “now,” “hurry,” and “immediately” help evoke a sense of urgency and get the audience to act.

“Providing a deadline and using action words, such as “now,” “hurry,”
and “immediately” help evoke a sense of urgency and
get the audience to act.”

When content lacks urgency, the target audience gets more time to research other options and mull over their decision, and adopt an “I’ll get to it later” mentality, which ultimately leads to a failure to act.

Have a Clear Call to Action

All digital media content should include a clear and concise call to action that lets the audience know what their next interaction with the brand should be. Should they “like” a social media post for a chance to win something? Should they sign up for an e-newsletter to receive a helpful guide? No matter what the call to action is, make sure the directions are clear and easy to understand so the user knows what they will get once they convert.

Getting to the tactics and launching on digital media is an exciting time for any business. By following a strategic plan that aligns with overall marketing and business goals, and creating content that’s sure to engage and convert, your business can set itself up for success in the digital media world. Our talented team is passionate about helping our clients succeed and we’d love to help your business with digital media!