Sales 101You’ve designed your webpage. You’ve got your list of products and/or services. The only issue now is how to get people to buy them? In today’s world, everyone is inundated with sales pitches. How do you get heard over the noise? In this piece, we’ll go over the ENDREA Method’s tips for how to sell your goods and services.

#1 – Pitches Should Be Personal
Forget sending out mass, impersonal emails to a giant list. If you really want to land that contract or customer, the best way is by sending a personalized pitch. Use their name. Include something specific about their business and why you’d like to work with them. And don’t forget to include something personal about yourself, as well. What is unique about you that will make you THE person for them to work with? Want to take it a step further? Forego the email and call them instead. This adds an even more personal element to the conversation.

#2 – Forget Traditional Emails
In today’s market, everyone’s inboxes are filled with pitches every day. Today, one of the best ways to cut through all of the noise is by going straight to video. There are plenty of free and low-cost video platforms out there. Choose one and jump in making some practice videos. After you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can send out some personalized video emails. Not only is video more engaging than traditional text email – it’ll be more memorable as well. And isn’t that the goal of any good pitch?

#3 – Don’t Forget The WIIFM Factor
Prospecting can’t just be about getting a new client for yourself. When you’re sending out prospecting emails or pitches, you have to include the WIIFM – “What’s in it for me?” This is the question that every prospect will be asking themselves when they’re reading or watching your pitch. Are you going to save them money? Save them time? Provide them with higher quality than they’re already receiving? It needs to be obvious right away what they’re going to get out of the deal.

#4 – Copywriting is Key
We see it all the time. You’ve chosen your prospect, looked up a few bits of key personal information, figured out your WIIFM factor, and written what seems like a great pitch. You’ve outlined all of the key features and benefits you can think of to make yourself stand out. You hold your breath, hit the “send” button… and wait. And wait… and wait… What went wrong?

Chances are, it’s your copy. Crafting a great pitch isn’t as simple as whipping out a blog post. You need some copywriting. Copywriting is a skill that combines the art of selling with the art of storytelling. Get good at this, and you can achieve almost anything. If you’re having trouble crafting a pitch that grabs your potential client’s attention, consider hiring a good copywriter.

So there you have it: our best tips for increasing your sales. Of course, if you don’t have the time to invest in making all of this happen for yourself, you can always hire a great team to help you out. Here at ENDREA, we have some of the best copywriters and sales team members around, ready to help you sell your products and services. Contact us and schedule a consult – we’re waiting to hear from you.