Taking the Results to Move Forward and Grow Your BusinessNow that you’ve set up your website, created some great content, and run your first marketing campaign, it’s time to take the next step. All of your hard work is paying off, so now you need to gather your results and move your business forward.

Don’t Get Discouraged

First of all, it’s important not to get discouraged if your campaign didn’t go exactly as you planned. After all, failure is something to learn from – not a reason to give up. Now is the time to look at what didn’t work and figure out why, so you can fix it in your next campaign. Keep pushing forward!


If your plan was somewhat successful, but you didn’t quite reach your goals, don’t view that as a failure. It could be that you simply set your goals a little too high for this particular campaign. It’s time to sit down and find out where you have room for improvement. Make those small tweaks here and there, and watch your next campaign’s performance outpace your last one by leaps and bounds. Continue this process until each of your plans meets with success, and then move on to your next step!


Analyzing your results is about more than just measuring successes and failures. It’s about examining your processes and seeing where there is room for improvement. How did your team react to surprises? Did things transition smoothly along your funnel, or do you need to make some adjustments? Where are potential customers getting stuck or lost along the path, and how can you bring them back? Do you need to tweak your content? Finding the answers to these questions is the key to moving forward in your next step.


Once you’ve figured out where the kinks are, it’s time to adjust your methods to meet the needs of your customers. Make changes to your digital strategies as needed. Examine changes in your industry (anticipate them if at all possible) and figure out how you can turn those to your advantage.  Make changes to your products or services so that you not only pick up those leads that got lost the last time through your funnel but gather new ones as well.

Take The Next Step

If, on the other hand, your plan went off without a hitch and you hit your goals – great! Now it’s time to take the next step. That is, it’s time to build on the success you’ve had and continue moving forward. Jump right into the next campaign, using the momentum you’ve gained to keep your business growing. With each step, set your goals just a little higher. Create new content using the lessons you’ve learned, and your newly-smoothed out processes. Pretty soon you’ll be bigger than you’d imagined.

Need some help with your analysis, or figuring out what the next step in your business plan should be? We can help. The ENDREA Method™ will guide you to move your business forward. Our professional staff can give you personalized attention and put together a plan to help your business reach new heights, contact us.