ENDREA TVᵀᴹ brings you trending news in different industries. Our founder Tara Rahe talks with successful individuals about innovative and exciting things happening in their industries.

‘Get It Right: Social Media’ Panel Discussion at Mid-America Club. Our founder & CEO, Tara Rahe, shared the stage with Marne Smiley, Elaine Mikesell, and Lauren Ramsey to discuss Social Media. We learned that social media is a powerful tool that can bring remarkable success to businesses of all sizes.

Analyze Step of the ENDREA Method™

Let’s Analyze what you Executed. This step shows you what worked and what didn’t. This is the final step in the ENDREA Method™. Let me know how the process worked for you!

Execute Step of the ENDREA Method™

After all the hard work of getting your plan ready, it is now time to execute your business plan and put it into action.

Ready Step of the ENDREA Method™

Time to get your plan Ready – You have all your information now to create the plan. During this step, you will put together your strategic plan of action. Be detailed and honest about the changes.

Delve Step of the ENDREA Method™

So far we have gone through an overview of the ENDREA Method™ for Business Development and gave a little more details on [E]valuate & [N]umbers steps. Now it is time to [D]elve into your industry. Now that you know everything about your company it is time to find out about your competition and the industry your company falls into.

Numbers Step of the ENDREA Method™

The past couple videos are about the ENDREA Method™ for Business Development. Now we have reached Step 2 which is [N]umbers. This step, just like it sounds, is the time to go through all of your numbers; costs, profits, budgets, revenue, clients, market share, etc.

Evaluate Step of the ENDREA Method™

Evaluate Step is the first step in the ENDREA Method™. Watch to get tips and ideas on what to keep in mind when conducting this step. The Evaluate Step is an important piece in putting together a successful Business Development Plan and growing your business.

Tara’s Thank You Video

The ENDREA Method™ Intro

The ENDREA Method™ is a results focus method in creating a winning Business Development Plan.

ENDREA Exciting Things Intro

Introduction to ENDREA Consulting™ and all the exciting things happening at ENDREA™. Such as an announcement of The ENDREA Method™, Upcoming Business Development Tips, exciting events, and ENDREA TV™.


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